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Workshop Class

Our workshop is designed to give students an in-depth & hands-on learning experience into the pottery-making process. Offered in 6, 9, or 12 session packs, this progressive class offers both wheel-throwing and hand-building options so students can learn each part of the pottery-making process.


Each 2-hour session is broken up into a 30 min demonstration & 75 mins of assisted work time with one of our advanced instructors, along with 15 mins of cleanup time. Instructors will focus on a project each cycle & students are welcome to follow along, or work independently on their own projects with our instructor's assistance. Additionally, instructors will work with your skill level and offer additional nuanced information for those who continue the course to promote growth every cycle. 


Basic community tools are provided during class along with approx. 25 lbs of clay and glazes. Extra clay is available for an additional $12/bag. Individual tool kits available for sale for $15. Students are also welcome to purchase additional 2-hour practice sessions for $25 to practice working independently outside of class time.

Workshop Classes



This class involves creating pottery by hand instead of a pottery wheel. Our instructors will show you how to use a variety hand-building techniques to create beautiful pots & sculptures such as pinching pots, rolling out slabs, and coiling.



This class will introduce students into using the pottery wheel for the first part of the process; Throwing. Our instructors will demonstrate how to throw basic forms on the pottery wheel and help students master the process of centering, opening, pulling, & shaping clay.



This class focuses on trimming and altering the forms made in the first class. The focus of this class is finishing up the pieces while they are still workable before being fired in the kiln to their permanent shape. Students will learn a variety of techniques such as trimming foot rings, attaching handles, altering shapes, etc.



This class will consist of the final portion of the pottery-making process; glazing. Our instructor will explain how the firing process works and will show you how to use different methods & glazes to create beautiful masterpieces! 


Additional Practice Sessions

Practice Sessions are available for an additional fee. Practice sessions are 2 hours of additional time to work independently in our studio. These sessions do not include any instruction and are just meant to give you extra time to practice the skills you have learned in class. Our studio technicians will get you set up with tools & clay and you're welcome to store your pieces to continue working on in your next class.




6 Session Pack - $225 

9 Session Pack - $325 

12 Session Pack - $420

Practice Sessions - $25/each


  1. To book a class, first purchase a Session Pack of either 6, 9, or 12 classes.

  2. Afterwards, view the schedule below and reserve your class dates!

  3. Only reserve Workshop Classes. Do not book "One-Time Intro"Classes as this is a different class.

  4. It is highly recommend to reserve classes in the order of Throwing OR Hand-building first, Trimming second, and Glazing third, then repeating this cycle as this is how the pottery-making process works.

  5. Glazing classes MUST be booked no less than one week after your trimming class as the pots need a full week to dry & be fired before your glazing class.

  6. 48 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule classes.

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