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private classes

Great for Birthday Parties, Girl Scout Troops, Family Gatherings, Corporate Team-building Events, Bachelorette Parties, Meet & Greet Socials, Networking Events and More!

With a minimum of 4 and up to 25 people, we offer private classes consisting of Wheel-Throwing, Hand-building or Special Projects for all types of events. Offered Thursdays and Saturdays, students can come and enjoy our fun & relaxed atmosphere while creating special projects out of clay! Parties are welcome to bring food and drinks, play their own music (via bluetooth), and decorate.

$65/person with a 4 person minimum

For rates of over 10 people, please call us at 562-495-4362 or email

Kids Classes

Setup a private class for your child and their friends today! With a minimum of four kids and a maximum of twenty we offer a two-hour private class for your little ones to learn all the basics of working in the ceramic arts. We can custom tailor our classes to your needs and create a progressive series or a one-time fun project like a piggy-bank or a rain-stick! Classes can be all children or a combination of children and adults (ex: Mommy/Daughter Day)!

 $8 additional per piece kept in wheel classes (age and experience restrictions apply to wheel classes as well).

Girl Scout Ceramics Classes

Earn your ceramics badge at a fun exciting pottery party at clay pottery studio!

Visit Clay on First pottery studio in Downtown Long Beach for a fun two-hour event where your troop can learn about the history of clay and its impact on our everyday life. We’ll briefly discuss folk pottery from around the world and examine the differences in style and techniques from various continents. Afterwards, we'll get to the hands-on part and learn to make pinch pots and coil pots! We’ll also learn how to attach pieces with the “slip and score” techniques and turn our pinch pots into fun piggy banks! 

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