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about us

the studio


Clay on First is a full service ceramics studio. Our goal is to offer a welcoming environment for the exploration and manifestation of the creative inner workings inherent in everybody. We offer a continuum of services in order to satisfy all levels of ceramics enthusiasm. Vacationers can take a piece of local Long Beach pottery home to their loved ones, Saturday adventurists can join a 2-hour class, and experienced ceramicists can rent space to create their own work.

the owner


Clay Wood has embraced wheel-thrown ceramics since childhood having over a decade of experience with wheel thrown forms. An advocate of functional classical pottery, Clay’s focus is on the harmony between form and function in era of art which shuns the tangible. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a passion for pottery, Clay is able to encourage and inspire the next generation of wheel thrown ceramicists in a craft that requires both honed skill and creativity. Clay opened his self titled studio with a goal of offering an assortment of ceramics services on a continuum ranging from the window shoppers and Saturday hobbyist to eager students and seasoned ceramicists. We are strong believers in quality customer service and will do our all to accommodate any needs.

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