One-time Classes

2 Hour One-Time Classes

$75 per Session*

Open Sessions are designed to offer people a chance to get dirty and try their hand (literally) at using a pottery wheel. Sessions are two hours long and include basic instruction for beginners on how to use a pottery wheel. Sessions have limited space, so sign up today!


All classes will be held in our new garage space next door to Clay Pottery Studio. Please come dressed in layers as it may get cold/hot depending on the day.

*These sessions are meant to be instructional only and only include one finished pot. Anyone desiring to keep more than one pot will need to pay an additional fee of $8 per piece for materials, labor to finish the work, and firing. 



To book, scroll down to view our class schedule and click the "One-Time Intro"class date

you would like to reserve. Follow the payment prompt to book.

COVID-19 Precautions/Rules: Clay Pottery Studio is diligent in following CDC guidelines and providing a safe environment for all students, therefore the following rules are set in place and must be followed at all times: All students/instructors are required to wear a mask at all times. Everyone will be spaced out 6 ft. apart at all times. Students and Instructor's temperatures will be taken upon arrival every day and anyone with a 100.4 temperature or above will be sent home. Classes will be held in our new garage space next door to our studio with the garage door open at all times to provide adequate ventilation and air-flow. Students should come dressed in layers in case they get cold. Hand sanitizer/sinks will be accessible at all times. Work stations and tools will be regularly sanitized. Students may elect to purchase an individual tool kit for their child to use instead of using our community tools for an additional fee of $15 per tool kit. Students that are feeling any covid-related symptoms should contact Clay Pottery Studio immediately and should not come to class. Please keep in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving and class dates are subject to change/cancel if ordered by the government. We appreciate your cooperation to help us create a safe environment for everyone involved!