406 E. 1st St. Unit B

Long Beach, CA 90802


Tel: 562-495-4362

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1. What should we wear?

You will definitely get dirty here, so we recommend wearing something casual you don't care too much about. But, don't worry! Everything comes out in the wash.

2. Do we need to bring anything to class?


We will provide you with the basic essentials you will need! You're welcome to bring any personal tools if you'd like.


3. Is there parking?


Unfortunately, there is only metered street parking available. However, it is free after 6pm & free all day Sunday. Additionally, there is a parking lot across the street you can pay $4 to park in.


4. How long do you keep our finished pieces there?


We hold pieces here up to half a year! We know your pieces are special, so we try to hold on to them for as long as we can to ensure you have enough time to pick them up.


5. Why does each piece cost $8 to keep?


It covers the cost of the clay, the glaze, the gas for firing them, and the labor put into finishing the pieces.


6. Why is there a 48-hour cancellation policy?


We have a strict 48- hour cancellation policy that is clearly stated on our website and on Groupon/Living-Social. We enforce this policy because we have to fill all of the classes and we need at least 48 hours to fill empty spaces. Additionally, we have a high demand for these classes, so it's a waste for everyone involved when we have empty spaces.

7. What temperature do you fire to?

We bisque fire to cone 06, and do mostly cone 10 reduction firings in our 16 cubic ft. gas kiln. We do offer occasional cone 5 oxidation firings in our electric kiln as well.